Our Goals

Save and enhance lives

The Commission calls for contractors, sub-contractors, developers, planners, highway engineers and designers to respond to the challenge of Vision Zero and drive change in the industry to save and enhance lives. 

Call for action

 Why we need to act:

  • Whilst HGVs only account for 3.5% of traffic across London, they are involved in 57% of crashes in which a cyclist has been killed (2007 – 2014). Many of those accidents are with HGVs involved in construction activities
  • 76% of collisions occurred at junctions
  • 62% of cycle fatalities at traffic signals involve large vehicles turning left or moving off, with 23% where there is not an Advanced Stop Line or feeder lane, making cyclists invisible to drivers in truck cabs

Get involved

Let us know what you are doing and what you would like to change.